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Your Brand. Your Story. Our Touch.

Offering Turn-Key Family Entertainment Solutions. Our projects include the free design, manufacturing, shipping, installation, and a strong repair warranty.
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Over the years, we've worked with industry-leaders, savvy startups, and in-betweeners.

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A Meaningful Impact

We love working with brands that are making a difference for everyday children.

Doing good is extremely important to us

We focus on more than just designing playgrounds. We want to insure that all of our designs are fully inclusive, handicap accessible, and can be enjoyed by all children, regardless of capabilities.

Playgrounds are a place where memories are made and kids are dared to dream

When a child enters your facility, their imaginations should light up with excitement. Our passion for designing structures that encompass the true meaning of being a child is endless!

Children will want to come back and bring their friends!

When children are left with a lasting impact, they are sure to recruit their friends, or book birthday parties at your facility.
A Personal Touch

Commercial Grade Equipment at Competitive Pricing

Our team specializes in the creative minds of a child. Utilizing State of the Art engineering and design systems, we are able to push the boundaries and open doors, otherwise impossible in this world, and transform a space from a room, into a magical paradise. When a child enters into your facility, they will instantly be transformed into an alternate universe where they are dared to imagine the unimaginable.
We are excited to take you on this journey and are ready to turn your vision into reality.
"It is in playing, and only in playing, that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self."
- D.W. Winnicott, pediatrician

We're big fans of keeping it simple, we've outlined our process for you


We will design a facility that incorporates your vision and maximizes your available space.


We will manufacture your custom design, ship, and install your project at your new facility


When we are complete with the installation, you should be ready to open your doors for play!
Need More Start-Up Help?

With our Project Launch program, you will get complete startup support and consulting from finding a location, to grand opening.

To learn more about Project Launch, schedule a call with a Project Launch case manager today!

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Don't just trust one side of the story! Here's what our clients have said about us.
"Marcus and his team really care! They helped us find a location and get open all within a year. We are now working on our second!"
-Rebecca Stouters,
All Day Play, LLC
"We're officially open for 2 years, and our playground still looks brand new. We have had to have some parts replaced, and the warranty process is smooth and easy."
-Sarah Thompson,
Kids World, Louisiana
"We love our equipment. We were working with another supplier in the beginning of our process, and came across this company. We were able to have our project saved by Jonathan and the Indoor Amusement Company team. I reccomend just calling them, you won't be disappointed."
-Ed Lopez,
CEO, House of Bouce
"Marcus helped us transition to portable playgrounds during the pandemic, and he literally saved us for bankruptcy. This is a family company that actually CARES about your success."
-Jackson P. Knight,
Jumping World

Got a question?

Ask us directly

What is the cost?

Our prices are extremely dependent on the size and play elements that are added into your facility. Getting a quote is easy! Fill out a deign request, we will create a custom design for your project, and you will have a turnkey quote for the whole project. You can create a design request HERE.

Are indoor playgrounds truly profitable?

Over the years of opening family entertainment centers, and watching clients quickly grow from their first location to several locations, we are proud to say that they are extremely profitable. Your profit margins will be entirely based on your individual location, and the age demographics that your facility is supporting.

What size location should I be looking for?

The size of the location is going to depend on the age demographic that you are trying to service. When we approach this question, we have 3 tiers of family entertainment centers.

For age demographics of 0-7, we consider this a tier 1 facility. For this facility size, we believe 5000 square feet and below would be perfect.

For age demographic of 0-14, we consider this a tier 2 facility. Most facilities fall in this range, and we believe 12,000 square feet and below would be perfect for this age group.

For age demographics 0-Adult, we consider this a tier 3 facility, or mega center. these facilities are around 15,000 and 30,000 square feet. These generally have multiple play elements, and are spaced out throughout the facility.

Note: This is general information ONLY. We understand that an individuals market demographics are going to be determined by your local area. The best way to know for sure is to contact one of our project managers, and they will help you to come up with the proper solution. You can request more information HERE.

How do we get started with Project Launch?

To get started with project Launch, you will first need to set up a virtual meeting with a Project Launch Manager. During this meeting, you will learn every step of being a part of Project Launch, the profitability of the facilities, the step by step process, and how to launch your playground business! You can request a meeting for Project Launch HERE.

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